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The Sciton Tunable Resurfacing Laser gives physicians the control to “tune into” their patients’ skin type, desired downtime and outcome. What does this mean to your practice? Better results, faster healing, happy patients and more referrals.

Sciton is committed to providing you with training, educational resources and marketing support to grow your practice. Our upgradable platform has no consumable costs. You will never be told that your Sciton laser has become obsolete. With over 95% of systems still in service since 1997, you can feel confident about your investment.

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CO2 Lasers
YSGG Lasers
Sciton Tunable Laser
Consumables NONE
Multiple Revenue Streams on One Platform
Upgradable Platform
Durable Platform 95% of all Sciton systems built since 1997 are still in service.
Safely Treat All Skin Types Can not treat
Skin Types V & VI
Can not treat
Skin Types V & VI
Tunable to Desired Patient Downtime
MicroLaserPeel (Up to 50μm of Ablation)
Independent & Precise Control of Ablation/Coagulation
Minimal Damage to Surrounding Tissue
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