Contour TRL™

Product Overview

Contour TRL (Tunable Resurfacing Laser) is the safest and most effective full-field skin resurfacing solution available. With tunable technology, Contour TRL provides treatment options from shallow resurfacing (up to 50 μm of ablation) to deep resurfacing (up to 200 μm of ablation per pass). Tunable control means tunable results, achieved safely, to provide customized patient outcomes on all skin types, both on face and body.

Contour TRL provides independent control over the depth of ablation and coagulation. The physician can precisely tune the laser to the exact tissue effect desired – from pure ablation to pure coagulation, and every combination in between.

Contour TRL can be tuned to treat:

  • All skin types
  • Both face & body
  • Mild & deep wrinkles
  • Peri-oral & peri-orbital wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Post-traumatic & surgical scars
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Lax skin
  • Poor skin tone & texture

Science + Technology

Better ablation through more efficient water absorption

The Contour TRL employs a dual-mode erbium:YAG laser that incorporates the pinnacle of resurfacing laser technology. Erbium has a much higher absorption in the target chromophore water than CO2 (see graph below) which gives erbium the ability to vaporize tissue with very little thermal conduction. By contrast, due to its comparatively low absorption by water, CO2 lasers conduct a significant amount of heat into the tissue. The clinical significance of erbium’s superior ablation efficiency should be a critical factor in deciding which laser to add to one’s practice. Studies have shown that erbium lasers produce far fewer side effects such as the prolonged erythema and hypopigmentation that are common with CO2 lasers.

TRL (Tunable Resurfacing Laser) technology

Erbium’s high water absorption is only part of the story. What truly sets the Contour apart is TRL technology, which gives the user the ability to adjust the depth of ablation and coagulation independently. By modulating the laser’s energy to deliver supra-ablative pulses, the Contour is able to vaporize any depth of tissue from 4 to 200 microns per pass with extreme precision. If coagulation is desired, sub-ablative laser energy is delivered in a train of pulses that heat the tissue to a selectable depth without vaporizing it.

The graph shows a supra-ablative pulse (well above the ablation threshold) which vaporizes tissue to a controlled depth, followed by a train of sub-ablative pulses, which raise the tissue temperature.